Valentine Boxes For Boys

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We love getting crafty on Valentine’s day and my boys are getting pretty good at designing their own Valentine boxes for school.  Here are some of our favorite Valentine Boxes for boys.

Valentine Boxes for boys

Valentine Boxes for Boys

Every year my boys design a fun Valentine box that is taken to school empty and that returns full of Valentines from their friends. I was told recently that this doesn’t happen anywhere but in the US, and even then a lot of schools don’t allow it.  Boo!  My boys have a lot of fun designing their Valentine boxes and I’m glad that I can provide a little bit of enjoyment and a lot of memory making with my boys while they are little. Here are a few of the Valentine boxes my boys have made:

R2D2 Valentine Box

R2D2 Valentine Box

This R2D2 Valentine box is probably my favorite because not only is it Star Wars-inspired, but when Valentine’s Day is over, it can be used as a garbage can.  My son is excited to keep this in his room after Valentine’s Day is over.  Check out how we made it here: R2D2 Valentine Box

Crocodile Valentine Box

Crocodile Valentine Box

My son’s favorite animal is a crocodile so he had asked about making a Crocodile Valentine box.  I love that this Valentine box used products from around hour house that we could upcycle.  I think it turned out really cute and he loved letting his crocodile “chomp” his Valentines. Check out the details: Crocodile Valentine Box

Minion Valentine Box

Minion Valentine Box

My boys love the Minions from Despicable Me, and this purple Minion Valentine Box was so fun to make.  He makes me laugh everytime I see him.  Read more about how we made him: Minion Valentine Box

Shark Valentine Boxes

Shark Valentine Boxes- Easy Valentine boxes for boys

We made these using an empty dish washer tablet container and an empty baby formula can. We wrapped them in grey wrapping paper and then used craft foam for the rest.  I was able to find self-adhesive craft foam sheets  that I used to secure the fins and the tail to the sharks and also to stick the eyes and teeth on.

Shark Valentine Box-Valentine Boxes for boys

Shark Valentine Box-Easy Valentine boxes for boys

Football Valentine Box

My oldest son designed and made his own Football Valentine box and I think it turned out super cool. I love that my boys are getting old enough to do things for themselves.  He just decorated the field with paper and used my Xyron machine to make his own stickers. Then he made the goal posts with craft fuzzy sticks.

Football Valentine Box - Easy Valentine boxes for boys

We had a lot of fun making these “Boy-Approved” Valentine Boxes!

Valentine Boxes for boys

Do your kids make Valentine boxes for school?

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