Farm Themed Birthday Party

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Where did the year go?  We spent the weekend here planning for my baby’s first birthday party.  I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or extremely sad since I know this is the last 1st birthday party I will plan and my baby is growing up before my eyes. We chose a Farm Themed Birthday Party and I am so happy with how it turned out!

Farm themed birthday party

Farm Themed Birthday Party

I decided awhile ago on a farm party theme.  I had found so many cute things that I could use to make the day fun and even though I know he won’t remember any of it, my big boys will remember celebrating with him.  And of course, we have the cute pictures.
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We decorated with a cow print tablecloth, red bandanas, blue tin camping plates and pitcher, cow print cups and rustic-looking plastic silverware.

Table decorations for a farm party

Table decorations for Farm party

For the kid’s table we used Barnyard Bash Plates and napkins and cow print cups.  Baby kept rearranging the kid table.  I think that was more fun for him than everything else. 🙂

Farm Party

For baby’s cake I stayed up late designing a farm cake, complete with the whole barnyard: Barn, pigs in the mud, cows grazing in the field, baby chicks playing in the straw and a sunny sky.  Phew, it was a lot of work because I stink at working with cake and I kept having to re-do something, but it turned out cuter than expected.  In fact I think I can say that I LOVED it!

Farm Party Cake for Barnyard birthday party

Farm birthday cake for a farm party.

Click here for the Farm Cake Tutorial .

We had a baby cowboy cow print banner, complete with my baby’s pictures from birth until now (tutorial to come Thursday),

Farm Party - Cowboy birthday banner for baby's first birthday. A picture per month from birth until age 1. Perfect for a farm birthday party.

Cow Print Balloons,

Cow print balloons. Perfect for a farm birthday party.

Baby LOVED his balloons!

Cow print birthday balloons

And of course farm animal presents (tutorial to come on Friday).

Farm animal birthday presents.

When he opened his presents his big brother was all over the top of him until baby finally had enough and crawled away to grandpa crying for help.  I think my 4-year-old had a hard time with baby getting all of the attention.  Sometimes it’s hard to be little.

We tried to keep the party low-key but as we sang Happy Birthday he just looked at us with a look of shock, like, “Why in the world are you all looking at me and singing”. But he did love that after the singing he got to dive into a yummy cupcake all of his own.

Farm birthday cake

Happy Birthday big boy!
Farm Birthday Party

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  1. says

    You did a great job & I never imagined you could find so many farm items – loved the cow tablecloth & cups … reminded me of Seth Godin’s book, the Purple Cow, that came (US mail) in a milk carton.

  2. Amanda says

    What a CUTE idea! I love the barnyard cake and animal cupcakes, the banner is a great idea too! Happy birthday to your son and great job on the party.

  3. Crystal says

    I was so happy when I found your blog, as we are having a “farm” themed 1st bday for my son on Sunday. I was wondering if you drew the cowboy hats on the baby pics or did you print it from somewhere?

    • says

      Happy birthday to your little guy! Glad I can help. 🙂 I searched for cowboy hat clip art but in the end I looked at the shape of the hats I found online and just drew and cut mine out of brown paper. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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