Valentine Boxes For Boys

The gifts have been given, the Valentine boxes returned from school overflowing and the flowers are starting to wilt and Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year.

My boys had a lot of fun and even though this mom is a little bit worn out from all of our celebrating, my 6-year-old told me that Valentine’s Day moved up on his list of favorite holidays to #2, just behind Christmas.  That will probably change as soon as Easter rolls around but I’m glad I can provide a little bit of fun and a lot of memory making with my boys while they are little.

My last post we showed the pirate Valentine suckers we made for my son’s preschool class but my boys wanted to make sure that I showed off their Valentine boxes.  I had three requests this year: a football field for my 3rd grader, a shark for my 1st grader and of course my little buccaneer wanted a pirate ship to go with his pirate suckers.

We started working on the shark while my 3rd grader made his own football field.  I just love when they start to get independent and do things by themselves!  Once I got the shark going I realized that it wasn’t too hard and since I was dreading doing a pirate ship I was able to convince the buccaneer that a shark was just as cool as a pirate ship.

What do you think?

Shark Valentine Boxes

Shark Valentine Boxes- Easy Valentine boxes for boys

We made these using an empty dish washer tablet container and an empty baby formula can.

Shark Valentine Box-Valentine Boxes for boys

We wrapped them in grey wrapping paper and then used craft foam for the rest.  I was able to find self-adhesive craft foam sheets  that I used to secure the fins and the tail to the sharks and also to stick the eyes and teeth on.Shark Valentine Box-Easy Valentine boxes for boys

Football Valentine Box

My oldest son designed and made his own football field and I think it turned out super cool.  I was proud of him for doing it himself.  He just decorated the field with paper and used my Xyron machine to make his own stickersThen he made the goal posts with craft fuzzy sticks.

Football Valentine Box - Easy Valentine boxes for boys

Overall we had a very fun Valentine’s day.  We finished off the night with Strawberry soda floats and a few wild rounds of Valentine’s Day bingo.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I’d love to hear what types of traditions your family has.

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