Tips for Visiting This is the Place Heritage Park – Salt Lake City

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Have you ever wished you could go back in time and experience life on the frontier?  A visit to This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City is like taking a step in a time machine and you can experience what the West was like in the early settlement in Utah.  We recently visited Salt Lake City and had a wonderful time at This is the Place Heritage Park and Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

This is the place heritage park

This is the Place Heritage Park

When we first arrived at This is the Place Heritage Park, we realized that it was quite spread out, but there is a train that stops at a few locations around the perimeter of the park that is continuously running.  You can just hop on and hop off the train at different areas of the park. 

This is the Place Heritage Park

Main Street is located in the center of town.  It has the majority of buildings, including the old school house where you can learn what it was like to attend school in the days of the pioneer. You did NOT want to get in trouble!  My boys were glad that they didn’t have to get the types of punishments that the pioneer kids had.  

This is the Place Heritage Park

Also, make sure to visit Brigham’s Donuts under the Social Hall for some yummy miniature donuts.  And the Ice Cream Parlor next to the Huntsman Hotel was a great place to get a cool treat on a hot day!

This is the Place Heritage Park

In the center of town you will also find a tinsmith, blacksmith and saddle maker and you can visit the printing press to see how newspapers were printed. There are people in just about every home and business telling you about each location.

This is the Place Heritage Park

When you arrive at This is the Place Heritage Park, they will give each guest a wristband that you can use to participate in several activities in the park.  You could make some pioneer crafts, an arrowhead necklace, or work with leather.


Or you could take a train or pony ride.  My youngest chose to ride the miniature train around the pond and he thought is was the best thing ever!train-ride

At the far end of the park is the Native American Village and the Treasure House.

Native American Villagethis-is-the-place-state-park

We enjoyed watching authentic Native American dancing inside the giant teepee at the Native American Village and we even got to particpate in a circle dance.

Near the teepee was a Navajo Hogan where you could learn a lot about the Navajo people.

Native American Village

Treasure House

The Treasure House is a new feature to the park that tells the story of mining in Utah through hands-on demonstrations.  My boys LOVED panning for gold.  They were able to find several pieces of “gold” that they got to take home with them.

Kids could also dig for gemstones in the Prospector Pit or purchase giant geodes that they could break open.  We spent all of our time panning for gold.

This is the Place Heritage Park

There were so any other fun things to do at This is the Place Heritage Park such as the petting zoo, the Irrigation Station splash pad and even Western Trail Rides.  You can even book a handcart trek for your group.

Have you visited This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City?  What is your favorite part? 

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