Frozen Snowflakes – Inspired by Disney’s Frozen

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Every year we love finding different snowflake creations, such as Star Wars Snowflakes,  and we have a lot of fun making them and displaying them in the kitchen. These Frozen Snowflakes are amazing and I’m so excited that we found them.

Frozen Snowflakes

Frozen Snowflakes: Inspired by Disney’s Frozen

I am so excited to be sharing these Frozen Snowflakes with you that were inspired by Disney’s Frozen.  The Star Wars Snowflakes we made a couple of years ago have been extremely popular and their designer is back with new Frozen-inspired designs.  All of your favorite characters are there including Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and more.

So, Do you wanna build a snowman?  I hear he likes warm hugs!

Olaf Snowflake

Frozen Snowflakes Olaf

And what about those beautiful girls, Elsa and Anna? These beauties are a bit harder to make but look so fun up on the wall.

Elsa and Anna Snowflakes

Frozen Snowflakes Elsa Anna

And you can’t forget these two best buddies.  Frozen wouldn’t be the same without this friendly duo.

Kristoff and Sven Snowflakes

Frozen inspired Snowflakes

These snowflakes are more technical than your typical paper snowflakes and I would say that ages 10+ should be able to make them with adult supervision since they do require the use of an X-acto Knife.  But, you can always have your kids do the scissor cutting and then you can do the small details with the X-acto Knife.  They were definitely worth the time and effort it took to make.

You can find all of the tutorials and video instructions for the Frozen Snowflakes as well as the Star Wars snowflake designs at Anthony Herrera Designs.

Which character will you make first?  Our favorite is Olaf!  How could you not love a walking, talking, hugging snowman?

So, go ahead and build your snowman!  If you make these Frozen Snowflakes, leave me a comment and tell me what your kids thought of them.

Frozen Snowflakes

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  1. says

    This is so Da Bomb! Yes it is! I am so jealous I am going to give this a shot but I know all of them will look like a cut up mess but i have to try these.

  2. amber thomas says

    WOw, I love these. Every year our Elf on the shelf makes snowflakes . I would love for these to be the snowflakes for this year. My kids love frozen and mine craft.

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