Teach Emotional Intelligence with Qs Race to the Top

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Emotional Intelligence


Teach Emotional Intelligence with Q’s Race to the Top

My family loves having family game night.  In fact we try to set aside at least one night a week to play games as a family.  Now, my boys are really competitive.  You can imagine what it’s like to have 3 sometimes 4 boys playing a game at once.  It’s definitely a challenge to keep everyone happy.  Q’s Race to the Top is a new board game, with a Kickstarter campaign starting soon,  that is not only fun but teaches basic Emotional Intelligence skills as well.  PERFECT for my boys!

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence/Quotient, or EQ,  includes all of the skills outside of academic education, such as self control, motivation, empathy and social skills.   I love my boys, but man do they need to improve in these areas, especially self control.  We have really been working on controlling our emotions when things don’t go as planned and this game really made my boys think about how they would react in different situations and I loved watching their minds turn as they worked out the different situations in their heads. .

Emotional Intelligence

In Q’s Race to the Top, players help Q, a genius monkey who has a lot to learn about life, climb up to the top of his tree house while answering questions and performing fun actions that improve EQ.  There are three types of question/action cards: “You” cards with questions that the players can answer about themselves, “Q” Cards with questions that the players answer to help Q make good choices, and “Do” cards where the players complete actions that increase balance and coordination, two things shown to increase EQ.

emotional intelligence

Our game also came with a story book that introduces Q.  We see how he tries to solve a problem but forgets to think of others before himself.  The book talks about his desire to do well, even though he doesn’t always act in the proper way. My youngest guys love monkeys and could completely relate to this book.

In my opinion, we need more games like this that help to teach our kids life-skills in a fun and entertaining way. This is not only great for playing at home, but would be really beneficial to a classroom.  To support the production of this game and others like it, make sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign


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