“Man”Cakes – The Perfect Father’s Day Breakfast

Father’s Day is right around the corner and one tradition we have in our house is making fun ManCakes for our dad.

Man cakes

ManCakes for Father’s Day

When I was young one of my favorite memories is when my dad would be home on Saturday mornings and would make us all sorts of different shaped pancakes.  I normally got a softball and bat or a treble clef since I loved softball and music.  My sister would often get a ballerina but he could make pretty much anything. Sometimes we’d just get a fun mancake that we could dress up or make or own.  I think that is where my love of making fun pancakes came about.  We also loved going to Denny’s or Village Inn and getting their ManCakes for breakfast. [Read more…]

5 Summer Pool Noodle Activities

These  Pool Noodle Activities will have your kids entertained for hours.  We’ve had them now for 2 years and they still provide hours of fun.

Pool Noodle activities

Pool Noodle Activities

I love summertime!  And I love activities that get my kids outside and active.   These pool noodles activities are perfect for little boys!  Not only can they use up some of their endless energy but you don’ t have to worry about them getting hurt because they are using pool noodles.  When I found pool noodles for sale at the dollar store I was so excited to create some fun games and activities for my kids.  I think the lady that helped me out must have thought I was crazy as she watched me shoving pool noodles into every square inch of my car.  But we fit and I made it home safe.

Pool Noodle Activities

1- Giant Ring Toss [Read more…]

Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt

There is really nothing better, in my opinion, than being high up in the mountains surrounded by nature and the beauties of the earth.  While visiting family in Utah this summer, we tried to take advantage of the mountains as much as we could.  My boys were in heaven!!  They are used to heat, dirt and tumbleweeds, while cool summer evenings, pine trees and quaking aspen are foreign to them.  So it was no surprise that they wanted to go hiking as much as possible. [Read more…]

The Lazy Days of Summer?

While watching the summer Olympics this year and traveling with my boys for 5 weeks I decided that keeping up with and entertaining 4 boys all day everyday should be an Olympic event. And I’m pretty sure this summer I would have taken home the gold. ;)  What happened to the lazy days of summer??  More like the crazy days of summer.

These boys were busy, busy, busy.  Their days and nights were filled with water fights, gardening, bon fires, rodeos, parks, splash pads, zoo trips, reading books, playing with cousins, art projects, playdoh, board games, and road trips.

They splashed and swam.

Some slid, (I crashed).

[Read more…]

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