Legoland: 10 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Legoland Adventure

10 Tips for Legoland Vacation

As mentioned in my 10 Reasons to Visit Legoland post, we returned from Legoland, CA last week.  Today I am sharing some of the tips and tricks I learned to help you in planning the ultimate Lego adventure.

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Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt

There is really nothing better, in my opinion, than being high up in the mountains surrounded by nature and the beauties of the earth.  While visiting family in Utah this summer, we tried to take advantage of the mountains as much as we could.  My boys were in heaven!!  They are used to heat, dirt and tumbleweeds, while cool summer evenings, pine trees and quaking aspen are foreign to them.  So it was no surprise that they wanted to go hiking as much as possible.

I put together a fun eye-spy nature scavenger hunt for them to use while we were out hiking.  I love being in nature but didn’t want my boys doing a traditional scavenger hunt where they collected items from the trails that would later be tossed in the trash (unless it was trash of course).  I wanted them to leave the wild flowers, pine cones, leaves, etc where they found them for others to enjoy.  Plus it was easier for me to come up with ideas of things to be on the look out for.  You can’t really put a deer or an eagle in a bag but you can definitely spot them and check them off the list. ;)

This would be fun if you are heading to the mountains this holiday weekend. [Read more...]

The Lazy Days of Summer?

While watching the summer Olympics this year and traveling with my boys for 5 weeks I decided that keeping up with and entertaining 4 boys all day everyday should be an Olympic event. And I’m pretty sure this summer I would have taken home the gold. ;)  What happened to the lazy days of summer??  More like the crazy days of summer.

These boys were busy, busy, busy.  Their days and nights were filled with water fights, gardening, bon fires, rodeos, parks, splash pads, zoo trips, reading books, playing with cousins, art projects, playdoh, board games, and road trips.

They splashed and swam.

Some slid, (I crashed).

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Monday Motivation: Roots and Wings

Today was the day!  First day of school.  I know I said I would be jumping for joy when school started but when today actually came, I was a nervous wreck.  Not really sad, because I know how much my boys love school and I feel that they were ready to get back on a schedule and back to seeing their friends, but just nervous.

I didn’t cry or embarass them with tons of hugs and pictures (who knew that my little boys would be too cool for mom starting in 1st grade!)  I did snap a few pics from a distance and then got an eye-roll from my 3rd grader when he noticed and I followed both of their classes into the school just to make sure I knew where there classrooms were and to make sure they were in the right place. And then I watched them head off to another year of learning without looking back.

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“Mom, my baby’s awake!”

I think everyone worries about siblings getting jealous when a new baby comes home, but in our family, the only thing I have had to worry about with this baby is that he is getting too much LOVE!  Almost every morning I wake up to the sound of my 4-year-old yelling “Mom, my baby’s awake!”  (yes, he is only awake because someone decided it was time to play.) Normally he just goes in and flips on the light and peeks over the side of the crib, but this day he decided to climb right in and was busy rubbing baby’s cheeks and honking his nose when I found him.   He also loves to put his face right next to the baby and say, “Look, we’re twins!”  It’s a good thing he’s cute!!

Have a Fun Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


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