Minecraft Target Practice

This Minecraft Target Practice from Dolen Diaries is such a great idea!  I think most boys love Minecraft and water guns so this is the perfect combination.

minecraft target practiceMinecraft Target Practice

This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are sharing ideas for having fun in the water.  It’s the hottest part of the summer so water fun is definitely a priority.  Shelly from Dolen Diaries created these fun Minecraft creeper targets and I love her thinking.  Instead of her boys shooting each other in the face with squirt guns or NERF gun, they can now team up against the bad guys.  She gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these fun targets. [Read more...]

Make a Toy Paddle Boat

Do your boys love boats?  Today Liska from Adventure in a Box is sharing How to Make a Toy Paddle Boat.  And this boat is seriously adorable!  In fact, I would pay good money for that. :)

Toy paddle boat

How to Make a Toy Paddle Boat

This is what Liska said about her Paddle Boat project: “Before having a son, I could not imagine that one day I would be requesting a drill and an angle grinder for my birthday gifts. But as soon as my son was born, I wanted to make toys for him, and wood seemed like the most durable and safe material. This summer I wanted to make a wooden toy boat for my son, and Kara’s series Summer Survival for Moms of Boys encouraged me to start working on this project. You can read about what came of it here: How to Make a Toy Paddle Boat. [Read more...]

Ultimate DIY Splash Pad

This Ultimate DIY Splash Pad is the perfect way for your kids to stay cool as the summer rolls on.  It’s made with really inexpensive materials that can be purchased at any hardware store and your kids will be entertained for hours!

DIY Splash Pad DIY Splash Pad

This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are sharing all sorts of fun water play ideas to keep your kids cool during the hottest part of the summer.  My handy husband and boys put together this fun DIY Splash Pad that kept my boys entertained all morning on Saturday.  All you need is a few items from the hardware store to create a splash pad that will make you the envy of the neighborhood kids. [Read more...]

Water Sponge Bombs – Easy Kid’s Craft

This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are sharing Water Fun ideas and these Water Sponge Bombs from Liz on Call are so easy to make!

Water Sponge BombsWater Sponge Bombs

These Water Sponge Bombs are made with only two products and are really inexpensive to make.  We have a yearly family water fight coming up and I can’t wait to make some of these to add to the fun.   [Read more...]

Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs

This Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe is one of our favorites.  I don’t know about you, but my boys are picky!  But this is one recipe that they will eat right up and go back for seconds.

Baked SpaghettiBaked Spaghetti and Meatballs

I know you’ve been there.  You’ve slaved in the kitchen for hours and prepared a yummy new recipe.  You are excited to try it out and you sit down at the table only to hear the moans and groans of your kids saying, “I’m not eating ‘that’!” or EWWWWW!   That happens to me all too often so whenever I find a recipe that my boys will actually eat, it becomes a staple at our house. My mom shared this baked spaghetti recipe with me awhile back and we decided to add some meatballs. This Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe is a crowd favorite! [Read more...]

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