Football Games: Charades

Football season is upon us and whether you are into football or not, you know that people everywhere are gearing up for the big games of their favorite teams.  Easy Football Games are a fun part of any Football party or get-together and this Football Charades game is fun for all ages.

Football Games CharadesEasy Football Games:Charades

We love to play charades and with football season upon us, I thought about how much fun it would be for my boys if they had a football-inspired game of charades.  They basically act out football games on a regular basis anyways so putting together an easy football game for them was a must. [Read more...]

Zoomer Dino Review

Each of my boys has gone through a phase of complete obsession with dinosaurs. We have spent our days planning dinosaur birthday parties and visiting dinosaur museums. Also, over the years we have collected or inherited just about every type of dinosaur toy imaginable. So when I was given the opportunity to receive the new Zoomer Dino from Spin Master and do a Zoomer Dino Review, I knew my boys were in for a huge treat.

Zoomer Dino ReviewZoomer Dino Review

From the minute we opened the box, my boys were hooked. And I’ll admin that I was really impressed with all of the capabilities that this dinosaur has. Boomer the dinosaur is so fun! The Zoomer Dino is different than any other dinosaur or remote control toy that we have because he is so interactive and can detect when you are nearby and if you are interacting with him. [Read more...]

Pirate Pancakes – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Did you know that September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day?  I don’t know who came up with that day but I can guarantee that we’ll be having a lot of fun with it at our house.  We made these simple Pirate Pancakes for a fun and easy way to acknowledge the day.

Pirate Pancakes


Pirate Pancakes

We really love making fun but simple breakfast food at our house.  And, what would be more fun for my boys than Pirate Pancakes?  These Pirate Pancakes were super popular with my 4 buccaneers.   [Read more...]

Ways to Make Family Dinner More Meaningful: Share the Table

In today’s world, making time for family dinner is increasingly difficult.  With work, after-school sports, music lessons, etc. it can be really hard to sit down and eat a meal together as a family. And often when we do sit down to eat we are distracted by television, phone calls, social media, etc.  I think it is time to take back family dinner and make it more meaningful.

Family DinnerWays to Make Family Dinner More Meaningful

This past week my family had an amazing time at the Family Forward conference at Universal Studios in Orlando.  We had the opportunity to make and share a family meal together and learn about ways that we can make family meals more meaningful.  We heard from Barilla’s guest chef, Daniele Baliani, as he helped us prepare a delicious lunch of Barilla Penne Salad with Roasted Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Arugula, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil.  It was delicious!  (recipe below) Prior to this lunch, Barilla had asked me to take part in their Barilla Blog Tour and share our experience of what our family learned  about the Share The Table initiative with my readers. [Read more...]

ABC: Back to School Breakfast

The first week back to school around here is always filled with excitement, expectations and a little bit of uncertainty and anxiety so we have a tradition of sending my boys off with a fun breakfast.  I love, love, love to make fun things out of pancakes for my boys and for the the first day of school we have an ABC back to school breakfast.Back to School Breakfast

Back to School Breakfast

This is one of those breakfasts that is simple to make yet your kids will love.  I know we don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to get breakfast made.  For this, I just mix up some “just add water” pancake mix and pour it into a condiment bottle.  I  knew that I didn’t have the skills to do it with just a spoonful of batter so I pulled out the same condiment bottles that I had previously used to fill with our homemade snow cone syrup, filled them with pancake batter, and they worked perfectly for writing. [Read more...]

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