Halloween Cakes for Kids

Halloween is only two weeks away and Halloween party plans are underway.  Check out these 10 Halloween Cakes for kids and give them the most spooky and fun Halloween yet.

Halloween Cakes for Kids

Halloween Cakes for Kids

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A Spooky Halloween Game

The day has come and soon ghosts, witches and skeletons will be haunting our neighborhoods.  If you are planning Halloween parties or need a little something fun for the kids to help hold them over until trick-or-treating time, here is a fun Halloween game that would work perfectly for any Halloween party at home or in school.  (Download your free printable below)

Spooky Halloween Game

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Use Technology to #ShareAwesome and Win Big

I live in a house of four boys and one thing that I have learned is that my boys love technology.  It’s just in their blood.  I remember my oldest son sitting at the computer at the age of three and designing pictures in Paint.  Now, they are spending time in elementary school learning coding and creating class websites.  At home I have to set limits on the amount of time they spend on various forms of technology, but one thing I am learning to embrace is that technology isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well embrace it and find ways to  #ShareAwesome and use it in a positive way.

#ShareAwesome initiative

Today’s families use technology in pretty much every aspect of life.  We shop online, connect with friends and family, take classes, read books and even play games while connected to the internet.  But as a family, we need to learn and teach our kids the importance of making smart decisions online to help them stay safe.   The National PTA has partnered with LifeLock to share ways that families can stay safe online by making positive and safe decisions. [Read more...]

Enjoy Life – Monday Motivation

I’ve always been a goal setter.  I like to sit down quite often and plan out the things I want to accomplish or the things I would like to see happen in my life.    But, I think because I like to make plans for the future and I like to work towards those plan, that I forget that life is pretty great right NOW.  I often find myself getting down or depressed over what hasn’t happened instead of taking the time to look around me and see the amazing blessings I have been given.

I came across this quote yesterday and it made me stop in my tracks and realize that I am pushing away so much happiness because I am always looking to the future instead of being in the moment.

Enjoy LIfe Quote

Enjoy Life: Monday Motivation

How often do we say…”When ______ happens, then I’ll be happy.”  Or if I get that job, or if we get that promotion, then we’ll be happy.  When we can afford a bigger house, or that dream vacation,  then I’ll be happy.  When the kids are old enough to butter their own bread, wipe their own bottom or pour their own milk, then I’ll be happy. When I no longer hear, Mom, mom, mom, MOM, MOM!!, 5, 793 times a day, then I’ll be happy.  [Read more...]

Walgreens #RaceAroundAmerica Ending Soon

Remember a few months ago when my family got to meet Nascar driver Greg Biffle and I told you of the chance you had to win a brand new Roush Stage 3 Mustang? Well this week is the last week to enter to win!

Race Around America

#RaceAroundAmerica Sweepstakes

Over the past 8 months Roush Fenway Racing Drivers Greg Biffle, Ryan Reed, Trevor Bayne and Chris Buescher have been driving the Mustang from one NASCAR race city to the next, making pit stops to meet with fans as a part of the #RaceAroundAmerica sweepstakes. Fans have been able to vote on the upgraded features the Mustang would receive as well as the route they would travel.   [Read more...]

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